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The Toy Shop has been a dream in the making since we can remember. We are excited to share our dream with you. We have the experience and determination behind us, along with the perseverance and spirit to achieve and maintain a successful relationship.

The Toy Shop's philosophy is:

To work hard and strive to stay current with new safety regulations, and to have the correct equipment available to purchase, as well as the latest trends and high interest products.

The Toy Shop's most important strength is honesty, along with customer service, the products and the price. Determination, hard work and dedication are the factors which will help all of us succeed.

-Eric & Jeremy

Owners of The Toy Shop



Welcome to the Snowmobile Capital of the World! - Eagle River Wisconsin

Eagle River Wisconsin Snowmobile Capital of the WorldWith an abundant of snowfall annually it seems as if the snowmobiles out-number the cars. Eagle River Wisconsin boasts some of the best snowmobiling in the world. The numerous area snowmobile clubs, groom and maintain a 500 mile trail network that is known as the "Eagle River 500. These trails wind through beautiful forests and across frozen lakes.

Over the last DECADE, SNOWGOER Magazine readers have consistently ranked the Eagle River Wisconsin Area as "THE BEST OVERALL SNOWMOBILING VACATION DESTINATION". Ranked No.1 for "Best Trail Riding", Ranked No.1 for "Best Trail Signing", Ranked No.1 for "Best Area, Catering to Families", Ranked No.1 for "Best Area Snowmobile Service Facilities", Ranked No.1 for "Best Weekend or Daytrips" AND, Wisconsin Northwoods Restaurants Ranked as the BEST in the Nation's Snowbelt.

Come see why so many snowmobilers return year after year to the Eagle River Wisconsin Area for great family fun. You'll find a well-groomed trail network, breathtaking scenery and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, right here in our Northern Wisconsin communities.

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The Toy Shop in Eagle River Wisconsin is your complete outdoors sales, service and rental center store for motorsports and watercraft. We offer complete lines of snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, personal water craft, UTV, dune buggy and motorcycles in Eagle River Wisconsin.